Inspiration on a river song

Inspiration on a River Song (1982) by Dang Kim Hien

Dang Kim Hien: 22-stringed dan tranh (Vietnamese zither)

Duration: 8:07

This composition is a musical poem on the southern Vietnamese landscape: sounds of the wind blowing across immense rice fields, sounds of the peacefully murmuring rivers and canals, and calls from the hearts of people in connection with the land. The music expresses a feeling of loneliness and sadness of a person facing the immense scenery of water and sky.

Khúc Ngẫu Hứng trên Hò Đồng Tháp (1982)

Soạn cho đàn tranh 22 dây, nhạc khúc mang đậm linh hồn Việt Nam này là một bài thơ bằng âm thanh chan chứa nỗi buồn đơn độc, lẻ loi của một người đứng lặng nhìn cảnh trời nước hiu quạnh, mênh mông.

Recorded in 2012. Released on CD Melodia Nostalgica (Sonic Gallery, 2012)

Sounds and texts © 2012 by Dang Kim Hien


A Song for Sky Bells

A Song for Sky Bells by Le Tuan Hung

A composition for power pole bells, dan tranh (Vietnamese zither), Balinese suling (end-blown flute) and Oceanian panpipes

Duration: 9:56

©2004 by  Le Tuan Hung

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