Melodia Nostalgica CD

melodia nostalgica cover

Melodia Nostalgica features a selection of original compositions written and performed by Dang Kim Hien between 1982 and 2012. These works present a journey towards broadening musical horizons as the composer left her familiar ground of the Vietnamese tradition to experiment with new possibilities of making music: combining Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese instruments, developing playing techniques, applying new technologies and collaborating with other artists. These compositions are the results of the weaving of colourful threads of Vietnamese musical elements and new sonic materials that the composer has encountered on her creative path.


Dang Kim Hien: 22-stringed and 25-stringed dan tranh (Vietnamese zither), dan bau [Vietnamese monochord], dan nguyet [Vietnamese lute], voice, and percussion.

Le Tuan Hung: suling [Balinese flute], ocarina, percussion and field recordings

Ros Bandt: Viola da gamba, renaissance tenor recorder

Anne Norman: shakuhachi

Kim Hoang Le: piano, trong chien [Vietnamese battle drum]

Available from BandCamp (digital download/CD)


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